Team Crafted X Cops and Robbers by The Hoosiers

I love the hoosiers, they follow me, they my boos

This is awesome.

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Just a simple drawing of GoldSolace.

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Decided to share this with you all because I know that a lot of my followers share the same insecurities that I struggle with;

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I’ll probably be the awkward one that just lays there!

If I hadn’t been…

While I have yet to lose my virginity I do have a male perspective. In regards to pubic hair, It depends on what the guy likes as Sophie mentioned. I think that you should approach it similarly to the way you approach the hair on your head. It should be maintained but you can wear it however. Shaven, trimmed, shaped even. If something as simple as pubic hair is a problem for who you’re with then I think there will be worse problems further on but you can’t really go wrong with trimmed or shaven. If your partner prefers something else then discuss it with them. The same goes with male pubic hair. My girlfriend (Shelby) and I are very open to each other and that’s the key to a good relationship. Communication. We have decided we aren’t ready for sex yet but talked about it with each other. I even know the way she has her pubic hair. I already have a good idea about her insecurities, what’s she comfortable with, what she prefers, etc so that when we do decide to have sex then we will be ready and understanding of each other. 

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Brice u cute thang
Idk it’s been a while since I drew something like this!

thank you :)

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Brice is fun to draw :>

that’s is awesome. Looks so cool

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A Rough (3am) Sketch of my Hero and inspiration Mr GoldSolace Himself! Plz Reblog and like and Fingers Crossed he sees this! ^-^

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Omg Brice.

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I drew Brice and he is so kawaii
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Another one done! I don’t know why I made Seto and Slamacow look so adorable, it just happened. Hope you like it!

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I really hope this doesnt come off the wrong way..

Last night I was overjoyed to discover that Jerome had posted a new pixelmon video, especially since the titlecard had my art on it! I got excited as I had submitted it about a couple months ago and I wasnt sure if I had done it right. I went to the description so I could get some screenshots and make a post about it, when I noticed something was wrong. I know it is not a big deal, but it means a lot to me. I think the credit has been given to the wrong person. I really hope this was just a little mistake, as I hope no one would purposefully steal anyone elses art :(

(i can also post proof if needed)

I hope this can be resolved, because it kinda sucks when you work hard on something just to have it ‘stolen’

I hope you can help goldsolace ! *gives all the turtles*

I’m sorry. Jerome can be a bit of a dumb shit sometimes :P Here’s the email I sent to him with the latest pixelmon

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